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tv   China Price Watch  PBS  February 10, 2014 8:30am-9:01am PST

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the son of rights watch or read the key to economic of everyday life in china and toss to blend. let's talk about dental implant for that episode and more. there was that of view and on tv. money matters took a liking for migrant workers. our question today what racing is a desktop the migrant workers
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getting married. consumer court will pop up in the pre poll for tiny bit and then to chinese interests of the thing about it. finally developed a bit. the chinese government officials are going to quit their jobs before all that would take a look at the top rank of life here in china first up a national business daily roses are becoming more valuable than other flowers the all time favorites friday. the huge demand for roses. because the cold weather in southern china many parts of the huge decline in output. as a result upright the broken country quickly. for the fun to decorate a room with ninety nine flows urrently sd for one thousand five hundred us. two hundred forty us dollars it's around three times more expensive than the previous year. and many flowery killed estimate the price will keep rising until valentine's day in contrast many other flowers pushing the price reduction. well the chinese trade pact will not over yet this product also mentioned dreadful. we still laugh to the chinese spring that will
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find flowers and get all too popular during the period of time. however due to the us are the masters of china's central government. many popular spring purple flowers did not have many buyers purchased one butterfly orchid is delayed for two dollars to contend with only half of last year's price make the daily business the prices for chinese audience camping gold coin for the year of the port and rock. stamped in gold coins the chinese zodiac were very popular in january two thousand fourteen. happy days to practice them to local point of course i started to drop. data showed the price of a large pan cook about twenty pm on the shop in three hundred twenty one about the future us dollars to the thirty three us dollars after the spring festival holiday. and as he has multiplied them with the kids on it were sold about a two dollars for the price of one changed and what i can more than eleven years dollars by the end of two thousand thirteen. in addition the price of gold and silver coin for
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the fourth team also went down a lot. chinese new year with the price of gold and silver coin was about six hundred ten us dollars the pride over two hundred sixty us dollars in the end of two thousand thirteen finally the same time the children of chinese servants receive the most read and look cool cast during the chinese new year chinese people can be kept in close and read a book to children is one of the customs of the chinese new year. the beijing times conducted a survey with the tiny children aged from ten to thirteen years old the results showed that during this chinese new year it could receive more than four thousand eight hundred yuan. about eight hundred us dollars cash a maverick the number two five percent increase compared to the previous year. among the nine the respondent to commit them to the service for steve the book the average amount of cash with about nine hundred fifty dollars each. the local on the kitchen the family to migrant workers. the average amount we got it under thirty dollars. usually the kids
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don't get that money. only five percent of these kids can use their new year's eve can freely. seventy percent and pay the money is confiscated by their parents were deposited into a bank account. don't go with the to money matters. the match makers for migrant workers the tin. we're looking at the future of china's economy it appears that make the country distinctly different and intriguing they're your personal factors topeka for the title changes urban development and demographic for the most watched practice of the generational back of the one child policy which is resulting in a large number of low income males from row area. the large factor in the focus on developing infrastructure and urban areas. it's become clear the resources and wealth are concentrated and the populated cities in the eastern coast of china there are huge number of men who are working in big cities which are far with my
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hometown. a large number of these migrant workers. now we're turning the big city staff to the brink of a holiday to find new jobs and opportunity. for most chinese people holding the time to get together with the family with the press. but today i married my co workers. one of the priorities have become finding a partner in marriage parents can get desperate effort to find the child without. not just exclusive to the time of the spring festival. the migrant workers of the people who don't come often the most popular time to do so. chinese media release. if these migrant workers have free holiday with their families to bring several paid for them to come home to find the other half expected no change is much younger bro areas of time in india company from nyp back to find a way around twenty years of age. data released by the chinese government showed the number of migrant workers have told more than two hundred fifty million as of two dollars and twelve the number of these young migrant workers who choose to work and cities have kept increasing in years
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the promotion of the idea of marriage has nothing but trouble. and partly because it extremely hard and it didn't take the big city there are more young men and woman in china. finding a female partner to be a challenge for many chinese men. the chinese government is the number of chinese demand for more than that of chinese woman by a margin of thirty four million in two thousand thirteen. he indicated that a large number of chinese milk like me could not find the other half the areas and can include children. meet the parents to have a good retirement plan were so security payments. to me are expecting their children to foot the bill with that in mind many parents are trying to get the kid married. the bill be able to be around the house good taking care of by the older generation. one migrant workers had to get a ring that will take during the holiday. it's become normal practice for someone they only have met twice to become the new stuff. looking tired but did quite economical with them to get
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married. wanted to kill the room and did a lot of these marriages. there's still a number of migrant workers who are in relation to the big cities where they work. most of time due to all migrant workers. when it comes to marriage or relationship doesn't seem all that practical. most of their family could not agree to marriage. this is usually because the growth of four with the boy. don't go with the will continue to blindly for migrant workers. they can't. welcome back the tide of rights watch in today's money matters were talking the blinded for migrant workers. if the migrant worker mary that broke before we can pick up the visiting her family might be too much my work are exposed to think that this from the pure spring that will more than five thousand us. but the under twenty us dollars the thing that caught the train ticket to get the family members. most are relative and the money for the parents did to get married and that he will likely be extra money for them to go back home. when
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considering the living and complete idiot. the members of marriage were told me to have the financial burden to them. data showed them to dump their team. the average monthly income of the migrant workers. the four hundred and thirty us dollars. although decreased by about fourteen percent from two dozen twelve people were still not enough for the migrant workers to keep the waikiki beach the girls' families still do not want their children as they are away from them when they get married. all this adds up to my co workers going on blind date with the girls in their own villages. this could all contribute to good adventure matchmaker several area the map makers are typically from the same village or nearby one. the well informed about the market workers and family call it can only reach up to them to migrant workers first. get the matchmaking job. when the two sets of parents agree. the massacres arranged a blind date. if the two people feel that it's ok to get married. not because i'm between one hundred sixty and three hundred thirty us dollars for
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each match i could map makers are all areas can have more than ten blind date during the spring festival holiday indicate that the incomes of the map makers to me by three thousand three hundred dollars during the short holiday. some villages in china have made climbed a historic event. the cold large gatherings of singleton be up to check out potential prospects. many can't feel what they want to get a bulk deal to me also show up parents usually try to pick a partner for the title while this approach might seem interested and are meant to take it to a very popular thing to do. the muster was a cute template immigrants were drastic change to make above chinese resource distribution the music and images probably won't be changing for many years to come. don't go with the object request of the day when visitors come from the male demographic and china. they can. and now time
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for question today when facing this given their take on issues affecting their lives. today we the people that read about their top line dates for migrant workers in china. with two people at the end of the current situation. don't get the point of thanking him people would be kind to him and to continue teaching i'm the one that would be made i've been working with the many green tea now missionaries. making money is more important for the migrant workers. there's nothing you can do it you don't have enough money. i would like screwed my real it is for marrying a migrant worker but whether the government support depends on the guy moral quality of the situation such as job with the education and soul people will commit to
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working hard in the microwave i can and will continue to command. and many dedicated to finding the coach and led them to get more sleep marriage is more important in terms of earning money is just the getting it on to my coworkers can find love in the city but the resident and steady income. anyway the effects of the two people is more important than any other. i've been in doubt mike workers more attention should be paid to wreaking havoc panicking. i can have a girlfriend. it's important to getting my new hometown in anhui and the country. and it's not that he may not actually hiring. i ran into many meringue cake and tea and contacts. i have matured the range pulling teeth for me to this point it should be based on a consensual relationship that i'm not interested in this in mind you money in the most important thing to have a
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girlfriend in the team can have a happy ending because there's nothing to support her way. her work or take a look of trent screen above the line china on today so we'll see what i need that users have to pay about the small number of countries like tiny course i will be the three countries often make it easier for potentially big spending towards to come into their countries and it can be to restrictions in here although chinese courts have become well known that the defenders their path or proms are still plentiful accord to the two dollars and thirty am leaving for st index. chinese passport the court to forty four the three a second among the ninety three countries on the list. tiny passwords are much better than those of politically active countries like north korea iran and iraq. compared to other large countries with populations over one hundred million chinese passport are far less likely to permit visa free travel. the chinese
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government announced by the end of last year the countryside the exams agreement with eighty one countries. for most these agreements are only for the past present government official every dusty shelf in her recent iv the pre politics for tiny court. two chinese tours of the things that's agreement with these countries are considered worthless the artwork not to look into them. data from national tourism administration shows that by the end of last year for nineteen million chinese people have traveled abroad numbers increased by eighteen percent compared to the previous year. until the fourth consecutive year the chinese album towards have increased over ten million people. but your tiny pores have contributed over thirty percent of the global tourism market. the national courts administration predicts the number of times up on tours had been over thirteen percent increase to one hundred ten million this year. despite the soaring number of chinese tourists up like a beacon of foreign countries and the pain and time consuming process to
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continue of course be that example. chinese applicants need to pay one hundred fifty dollars application fee. far from that they often provide several certificate. it meant kept records and africa ownership. use somebody else required the applicant company but a series of documents to prove the authenticity. what all the papers have been committed to any applicant is away for three to four weeks to get the result the complex documentary black approval process and forced chinese course the planet . if there's any problem to be complications the entire trip planned ballpark. the visa process has been simplified recently from any country. the beijing morning post reports recently the canadian embassy in china. haven't officially broke out the tiny towards his application fees one hundred fifty one hundred canadian dollars brendon us dollars the approved applicants can get up to ten years multiple entry visa. pretend that a tiny towards competing
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with fifth month in canada and of course he told me about her and i need a maximum stay. can the ball like the part that really interesting. can the large number of chinese immigrants to receive. the athlete huge and growing population chinese ethnicity and then cooper already. it all to the hot destination for laundering of chinese government. the canadian government opened of course the market the chinese contingent of gotham ten the current income of the most welcome port of destination country for chinese people. a survey conducted by the tide towards academy shows that i outbound tours from without and canada the country's complex and scored much higher than that of other pop out on tours and information to sprain his team and in australia. data from the canadian tourism commission shows. january to october of last year. tiny course an increase of twenty two point five percent. that doesn't mean that we should be to free parking for tiny people. any potential risk
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one of the major reason for that tiny kittens are overstating the beach. as you now twenty three dot com report to the nineteen nineties countries such as hungry singapore colombia ecuador and colombia have provided the supreme puppy that i need to cover due to the rapid increase the number of a legal resident of these countries have canceled the poll. chinese internet users all took a bit about the countries were kept for capability. went to catch the real quote. the luton be simple to make emigrated to canada meaningless. another one joke well. the new visa policy canada is more convenient than the one to hong kong. the mentors to apply for hong kong macau can't be more that three month there is a canadian government trying to embarrass the government some of it is directed their attention to the issue of a legal resident in one row quo i don't understand why kill me people want to immigrate to other countries illegally china is becoming a better place now. the one sharply denied the claim quo. you'll find the reason why people
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want to emigrate to other countries. if you think a bit harder. finally a way but you can click well. ordinary people of the major reason why there are more be to free all these other countries it's not the fault of the foreign country's government. many countries are very interested in bringing chinese money to the country. we don't want to have input to chinese immigrant. many countries have made exemptions for tiny people when you make that investment. that doesn't extend freedom of movement for most chinese people still shifting trends. i sort of rationale they get their passports make it difficult to travel abroad moving on not just the price we find out i will be easier to understand the cost of living. today we have people mistreat me of how much a copper mine worker to give care to look at the look of a guest. i don't let that
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happen. i can't be too picky i did to me. many of my homework. and a precondition to that. should the party and it didn't take me to thinking typical. she must be thirty dollars that leaves my view marriage is more important things. with the migrant workers can find girlfriend painting but it is getting married in the crate. many things they can't find consensus on. yes i matchmaker. i can't be blamed a more reliable than acting like a champ. mary jane are hiding the fact that my co workers actually tried
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it. wanting to make some contribution. p one hundred traffic congestion and charity i guess three hundred to five hundred dollars of the reward. they're a lot of ways to get acquainted with single people to the social networking site social activities or something the blinded to the slippery patch to pick and choose other than topical and the willingness of young people from car to have a successful marriage even a car. people make. thank you i mean yes i know i can read the two men one of my hometown. close the gap and control area has become very popular the higher matchmaker to ring floodgates for young people during the holiday that the people they introduced get married the matchmaker to earn a fee ranging from about one hundred sixty to three hundred thirty us dollars during the spring festival most of my coworkers come home to the busiest time for
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match makers. i'm not comfortable with the bit where we dig deeper into question chicken the future empress of china. today our debate topic. the tide of servants will be their government positions in math servant job. canterbury future life long job in china despite all the criticism directed at official huge number of chinese people to apply for the job every year and she doesn't and the national service exam the nine hundred other applicants. and in two thousand thirteen the total number reached one point one million nationwide. last year loss of servants are to complain about their jobs the internet. there was no dowry. according to the article for the people should be an all party committee secretary usually a power to move to that of deputy mayor. an average county the secretary's salary is around five hundred to eight hundred dollars per month. with actual rambo is that the annual income of less than fifteen thousand us
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dollars. the article mentions that a middle income self employed entrepreneurs in the county can easily make more than fifteen thousand us dollars per year. according to the official data and to dump three servant outings around one point one times the average income of local residents. oh by the end of the eleven member declined one point one times the average income. with the living cost gradually increasing. more and creamy filling the effect of the low income. del when she was director of the human resource studies center of the china cabinet. by the dumping of possible that many young servant parker weekend to meet their position. he says that the cycle of dollars from any other province for service for da mention that china's central government started it up dirty campaign the beginning of two thousand thirteen. the prize money for officials and quickly disappeared were shrunk the red emblem to catch given on different couples will replace likeable kid or directly canceled. and because of the anti corruption measures of the great composer also being rejected by the high ranking
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official. with the gallant hard to get promoted within the government. many recruits like dozens of years will read condition. some workers who want to be promoted might try flattering were driving other officials. don't think that many young workers might not want to do this kind of wire and neither position but delta said it or really walk the completing their position. they're not good for government jobs anyway dr that those who care less about money. care more about how to be blunt people's jobs are better suited to the helping the chief economist of tiny utility does not think that a large number of servants will be their job in the near future. telling that to the benefit of being a seminar to go and have not really disappear. one of the major b are the preferential pension among the retired penchant for much higher more stable than double the normal edition. also argued the case to the benefits with the family. many cities have special schools offer for recruitment tool for service every year the local
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government and eleven billion dollars of teaching kindergarten the airplane argue with that many provinces offer free medical care service. the medical bills are reimbursed by publican petition to the cost them a dime. chuck is that these are good enough reason to avoid quitting. with more security measures. it's like being a servant might be less fun. it might have added more stress but it doesn't seem like anyone is trying to feel bad for china's official the left or definite that officials were going to receive preferential treatment to crawley will be leaving their jobs anytime soon. okay that's all we have time for today i visited china price watch terrific time for the latest of the cost of living in china until that new community read online that you end up tv time job. is yes said. i
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can. i'm quite sure. well it's not like i'm less excited. the twins. he was sumo japan's national school similar originated from ancient shinto religious right's tuned to the conflict
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in him in the desert to be at least one thousand five hundred years old. sumo wrestlers known as greek she will compete in a four point five five meter diameter ring the door. for all. the loser is the first to leave it holds its ground with anything except or so to speak. the key to acceptance and always cook you for coordination of breath and movement. the match begins when a freak she fielded of synchronize their breed. this focus on what's going to be unique. she makes distance attacks using open and the blue stripes make sweet as well as resting with a crummy job was built on the opening rush of orders with chia maneuvering to one
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by one seat over considerable power. so no different with richard origins in two months he joked in spite of the window that's all. traci toward the end of the nineteenth century similarly uses know. in a wide range of throwing to. or when your opponent attacks you re direct the efforts to defeat. i had. this is done when she repeats through follows a set. first you receive the incoming full use it to break it. thanks to use your tips and ways to
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get them up. the technique is to throw into the ground such but comes up. when skillfully using its speed on my list will be to defeat much laughter. judo is a good option and to make most effective use of defensive tactics. i do. in aikido places great importance on call to prayer. when asked to interpret an opponent's train movements in detention aikido techniques to attend to. the defenders is guiding the attack is ominous circular motion until no remains. to keep their unique uses circular movements to gain advantage while maintaining a stable thing aikido techniques of up to st. strikes and effective and
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time can lead to. eye. she used to. this would only be with his strength but using precise technique and coke you to control their opponents. the train to trendy shoes like. the i know i i. the basic techniques are used to handle fits just
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right. sequences of moves me this attack the trading the captain to lead the consumer to develop one's flaking skin. this is a striking and kicking it the route to teach his defensive techniques to mold you into sin. you can train them to get to the point when you read you read them. and since what we're about to do once you have to do it. you can control them and what he would take me. training richest region of provence read. since they lose before they make them. controlled arrest. i am. the cheese and
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you need one. when will we will. the us. welcome to your world is one and you know tommy and took charge. here's a look at some other stories we're following this hour. i am. voters in tokyo and chosen the former cabinet minister to meet them after an election fought over the economy and nuclear power where executives announced they will stop making cars in australia with the strong currency and my costs for the position. south koreans will be taking a lesson from


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